News Paper Reading?


I’m probably one of the last people that still subscribes to a couple print different versions of the newspaper. The thing is that I never have time to read them in a timely manner. As I stared down a sizable stack I did what any online philosopher does – I mentioned it on twitter. Sure twitter could be seen as a fad that will people will move on from, but for a place to send random sentences for myself it does the trick. I even get good recommendations when I ask (but I digress). The habit of me going through the stack goes counter to how a newspaper was once perceived. Back in the day newspapers were seen as useless once the afternoon came around. The fact that the online news is updated by the minute suggests to me that it’s a challenge to keep up. Contrast that w/ a paper – essentially it’s become an archived document that isn’t going to change. Sure the next days news is different, things are updated and retracted but once again there’s beginning and ending. The web just goes on at the same pace. So while a stacked version of the paper isn’t going to give you the up to the minute minutiae it does make the whole past week bit more digestible. Plus illustration looks way better on print still…

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  • Steve Portigal

    Not the last! Every day I read the SF Chron and the NYT.