Faux Eiffel Tower Extension






When I first came across the idea of the Eiffel Tower Extension from Core77 I didn’t even consider it to be untrue. What did pique my interest was there was no protests about extending the monument. No strikes were being called, people weren’t being forced to resign. It was also the day before April first. I was actually a bit upset myself and if I had more time yesterday I probably would have mentioned it on my blog. But in fact it was a great hoax as revealed yesterday. But now that I look at the design a bit more objectively knowing that it will never happen I kind of wish it wasn’t a hoax. The idea is starting to warm up to me. I know that it’s kind of weird to flip like that but think of the tourism it would generate. All the people that have visited the Eiffel Tower in the past would have to go back to compare. The anticipation of seeing the tower for the first time would be relieved. I know I would go back again to see it.

The original design above was from Serero Architects

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  • http://tomcannondeisng.com TomCannonDesign

    The faux design is inconsistent with the rest of the tower. It would break up the momentum tapering to the top, which goes form wide to narrow. The style is wavy, contrasting with the boldness of the existing tower.