Clay Shirky on Stephen Colbert

Review Copy

I’m only halfway through my review copy of Here Comes Everybody by Clay Shirky (but hope to make a big dent in to it today) though I have a pretty good idea of how I’ll be starting the review. If I had time to write a book on the social aspects of the web this would be it, it wouldn’t be as good as this of course, but I would attempt something along the lines. I’m really getting ahead of myself so once I’ve completed the book I’ll have a real review. What I did want to mention was the above video that I found via BuzzMachine about the author being on Stephen Colbert. It was new media vs old media in a sense w/ bright lights. The first time I heard Clay speak was at our Daylife office, once during a lunch hour and then a second time for an evening event. It was interesting to compare those events with the video clip if for no other reason then watching Clay try to have a fast paced conversation w/ a jester like Stephen.

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