Finally a “design film” worth watching

Kate Bingaman-Burt and Mike Perry from Ethan Bodnar on Vimeo.

I’ve been skeptical of designers on short videos until now. Sure it’s easy to blindly follow names that are recognizable but it’s time to look past the people that publications suggest we should know about. Sorry but I’m tired of that hype. I’m on a promotional kick to those that have something relevant to add. While I was not a fan of the book Handjob and the combined talk at Jen Bekman’s Gallery with Kate Bingaman-Burt and Mike Perry, the above video dares me to reconsider a lot of those first reactions. The film captures an honest self recollection of experiences from both people that anyone that watches can gain something from. After watching the film and considering the talk I saw that day in person it makes more sense now – at least to me. At the time I thought they both were people were bit reserved. But if they had done the film ahead of the talk they may have been spent talk wise.

Before I had the chance to invite designer’s to speak I tried to read up as much as I could about others that had gone through the experience before me. One of the things that I remember reading is that you shouldn’t pepper a speaker with too many questions before their talk. What happens is that they become so focussed on answering your questions that they then loose a bit of their edge when they get on stage. I think the above film may have caused them to be more reserved when it was time for them to talk live. At least for me when I saw the film tonight it made me recognize that sometimes a venue for knowledge is more then just first reactions. Ethan Bodnar who filmed and edited the whole production himself has an incredible knack for doing the right thing at the right time. After watching his film be sure to check out his post at where I first saw it.

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  • amber

    i love Kate! i subscribed to her Obsessive Consumption zine after meaning to for soo long, and I could not be happier.