Reading Blogs that I Can’t Read

alice wang
alice wang

SLN:blog* |Web Magazine「ハニカム |Web Magazine「ハニカム」

I’ve noticed a small but noticeable trend in some of the blogs I’m drifting towards. The thing is that I’m not always reading them though they look fascinating. For these blogs deal w/ design though I’m not sure what the text is saying. Those blogs are coming from other languages that I really have no idea how to read. But honestly they more then make up for the language difference w/ the way they display their content and show really cool things that I’m not likely to see in design blogs from North America. I’ve taken screen captures of three such blogs that have been making my visual environment on the design blogosphere better.

alice wang

SLN:blog* |Web Magazine「ハニカム」

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  • alice

    thanks michael! let me know if you need any translation of anything…