Designing a better system for fire alarms in SoHo…

Fire alarm in our building

Fire alarm in our building

Over at Daylife HQ’s this morning in SoHo (444 Broadway for anyone wanting to visit) the building had a fire alarm. At the time I was listening to Portishead in Portishead quite loudly so for the first couple of seconds I thought the siren was part of a song. Once I realized that wasn’t quite the case I said my goodbye’s on IM and proceeded from the top floor to go outside. Hanging out on the street with a couple other people from Daylife I noticed something interesting. Neither of the buildings that were connected to us had to evacuate. More to the point there was a shoe store that was half in our building and half in another. The even bigger picture was that the entire block was essentially connected. If there had been an actual fire I wonder how the other interconnected buildings would have known that there was a fire? I know absolutely nothing about fire alarm systems but I would have hoped that if one alarm had tripped the buildings connected would have sounded the same alarm.

While I do mention my iPhone a lot on DesignNotes I was happy to see that once again I could take some pictures and upload them to flickr ASAP. Along that same line if there had been some sort of real disaster and people were indeed wondering if I was ok and the cell/wifi towers were working I could send some information both visually and wordy via email, sms that would end up in email, flickr, twitter, facebook and friendfeed in a matter of seconds. Small comfort now if I look back and think that only a couple years ago would have been difficult to do w/ out a laptop and a digital camera.

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  • nebrow

    All the more reason to get an iPhone! Its interesting how much one is able to do with an internet enabled phone.