Why I don’t always tag in Flickr and other miscellaneous things


I’ve been thinking about portfolios a lot these days and how I really need to update my one page home screen of www.michaelsurtees.com. Perhaps my portfolio page on my blog isn’t cutting it at the moment (yes, I do need to update it too). While I’m not a photographer, a friend of mine passed on a blog of a photo editor in which he talks about how he wouldn’t take a photographer seriously if their portfolio was just a flickr site. If I place that into the context of a designers site maybe things on my end need to change too.

Speaking of flickr and how much I enjoy putting photos up there; I read an interesting post from Organic about how wonderful it is to search via tags for large photos w/out watermarks for comp purposes. In the post Comp Fight there’s an app for going through images faster “basically everything you love about Flickr for making comps only faster, easier and an even more stripped down interface and no-nonsense functionality”. Honestly that freaks me out a bit for a number of reasons. However I’ve started to do something so people aren’t finding my stuff as easily. For common words that people might be searching for, those are tags that aren’t going up beside a photo. For those photos I want people to find I tag the hell out of them. It’s not a lot of control but at least it makes it a more human search as opposed to letting the bots win.

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