A couple ideas about dog poo

maddie on the right

Maddie who’s pictured to the above right is my weim. Almost always when we walk she has business to take care of which means a tug towards the street. She’s an urban dog so she know to go to the curb. Unfortunately not every owner does this. Anywhere on the sidewalk is fine and even worse it’s just left there. I’ve never understood how someone can just do that unless they’re out of bags. For those people that don’t mind others picking up after them I’ve seen a couple interesting design solutions. PingMag shows some designers in Switzerland that have taken up the challenge. There’s a large sign that shows in green if the dog is allowed to do their business (red when not) in the park while my friend Christina in Vancouver has come up w/ a more literal approach with copy written signs that stick the you know what. You can see more photos of her campaign at www.flickr.com/photos/peressini/sets/72157604023457456/

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