Comparing posters on the weekend

Joes Picayo Mug Shots

In my quest to make connections where there are none, I offer these two posters to check out. One is a collection of mugshots that create a facial texture while the other does the same thing but w/ eyeballs. They both use the smaller images to create a larger motif. I first discovered the eyeball poster as I usually do by walking around SoHo. The mugshot poster was an easier find as it was right in front of my apartment. I like the idea of comparing these two posters together b/c they offer something interesting. The gallery poster is a nice contrast to the predictable movie posters that tend to go up on construction walls. While the eyeball poster isn’t selling anything per-say, I like how it’s trying to play on a person’s perception to make a face out of all those smaller eyeballs.

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