Playing with Twitter’s Character Count and Discovering How Easy it Would be to Turn Flickr into a Blog Platform



flickr as a blog platform

Yesterday I posted a bit of a strange post mentioning the video I saw via eating sandwiches. My original intention was just to mention it on twitter and leave it at that. But when I started typing away I wondered how i could reduce the character count as much as possible. By deleting the space in between words and other symbols I squeezed the line a bit. I also used tinyurl with the via link. So in the end I was able to reduce the character count a bit though the second test was how would it look? By comparing a before and after, the normal spaced version reads and looks better, however the one that reads easier is also a lot easier to ignore. The one long line is different, there’s enough contrast and an understandable system to read the line of text.

I was also curious to see how that twitter post would play out on flickr which is where I originally hosted the images and how it would transfer to an actual blog post. I was actually surprised how well it worked on flickr and not surprised that it was just ok as a real blog post. Before I had thought of doing this test I would never had guessed that flickr could work out as well as it did as a publishing tool, not just a place to upload and share images.

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