Turning a Data Visualisation Blogs List into a Feed Site

visual n. Any graphic representation such as a chart, picture, diagram, graph, etc.

Random Etc. - Data Visualisation Blogs You Might Not Know About

A couple days ago I mentioned a site that started compiling Data Visualisation Blogs You Might Not Know About. This morning as I was going through my referral sites that came to me I noticed a similar site but taken it another level. At http://visual.inkless.org/ has taken that original list, grabbed feeds from each of the sites and has collected the links from each of the sites last three posts. I’m not a huge rss feed reader kind of person (I still open a lot of sites via tabs), but I could see myself going back to this site as it’s not a ton of sites and I visit a lot of them anyways – now I’ll know when there’s something new. There’s a minor issue of attribution that I think is missing. It would be nice if the site mentioned where the original list came from – I’m assuming that the site was for personal usage, but on the net pretty much everything is public.

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