It’s now the weekend, you could do something interesting or be stuck in an elevator for almost two days

Up and Then Down - The lives of elevators. from the New Yorker

I was never a patient person and that has only been accelerated since moving to NYC a couple years ago. I hate waiting more than a couple minutes for an elevator. Imagine being stuck in an elevator for a couple minutes, maybe twenty or thirty minutes. What would you do – I’m pretty sure I’d go crazy. Well the above video shows what happens when one man gets stuck in an elevator. Aside from waiting pains I’ve also been in an elevator that dropped a bunch of floors quite quickly. I can’t remember the exact number of floors but I think it may have been at least ten – for more stories like that and the above video there’s a related article from the New Yorker HERE.

via The Strange Attractor

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  • nathan

    i nearly went crazy just watching that.

  • Christina

    When I get to John's place to, say, drop off the dog, I'll call as I'm two or three minutes away and say, “Meet me downstairs,” and it will take him five minutes or more to get from the 26th floor to the ground floor. I don't work in a high rise and I don't live in one either so travelling up and down the sky like that is so foreign. I really do need to get out more.

  • michaelsurtees

    that's not such a bad thing christina, it took my ears a couple weeks to get used to going up and down 39 floors – i'm sure there will be another time when maddie will need a dog sitter and then you'll be able to enjoy the elevator fun…