Axis of Praxis. Build, then Think – is this how design process should work today?

Axis of Praxis

I came across this interesting concept of a shirt via the shirt designer’s site Blackbeltjones. You too can buy the Axis of Praxis. Build, then Think shirt at Combining that idea along with the quote I saw via MarcSchil’s twitter “change before you have to.” which was quoted originally from today’s WSJ made me consider a couple things. Those types of attitudes are what making things work today while others follow case studies of yesteryear. While not groundbreaking, I do wonder if that type of attitude will manifest itself into the process of design – notably in graphic design. Industrial design has rapid prototyping and just about anything online goes through some sort of beta phase (along with private invites), but what does graphic design have? Are the process and methods that ruled the stages of design outdated – will designers be learning from other creative types for original thinking?

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  • Steve Portigal

    FWIW, Matt is much more than a t-shirt designer. Among many things he's also the co-founder of Dopplr. Quickie review of one of his several presentations in SF last week