A couple notes from Pecha Kucha New York 5 last night


Before anyone got on stage last night for PKNY5 I said to myself that I feel for the presenters. I don’t think any of them were expecting two solid floors of people. I had been to one other Pecha Kucha in Brooklyn last year which was smaller in scale. Comparing the two events I’ve come to some simple conclusions. Presenters should come with three talks prepared. One in their ideal environmental condition (perfect sound, visuals work – everyone sitting and able to see), one that relies more on their auditory (no one can see anything, everyone is standing and moving around), and one where you throw out what you had prepared and react to the audience in front of you. Of all the six minute presenters there was probably three that I can really remember along with a couple phrases here and there thrown in for good measure. I’m not sure if I remember Andrew Andrew’s talk b/c I’ve seen stickers w/ that name on the street or that they seemed best suited for the venue. My favourite acronym mentioned by another speaker was BBT – bombs, blood and tits, and I really don’t think I agree that the periodic chart is the most important piece of graphic design as was suggested by the last speaker of the night, though I might be quoting that wrong. The event wasn’t bad by any means but I actually got more out of just bumping into people that I didn’t know and hearing what they’re up to. It’s too bad some of them weren’t on stage b/c it would have been interesting for them to talk about what they’re finding is interesting today.

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