Same Sky, Different Places

New York City Colour Study now Same Sky, Different Places

After a couple months of taking pictures out my window of the the sky in New York and encouragement from friends about how to extend my New York City Colour Study I thought it might be interesting to open it up. I’ve started a flickr group called Same Sky, Different Places at where anyone can place a photo of the sky where they are. There aren’t many rules except that the image shouldn’t have any buildings or other objects in view, and that you should only place one image per day. In the description field it should mention the day, time, city and country. Aside from that you just need to be a member of flickr. At some point I want to take those images and turn it into a separate site, but for now I thought it would be good just to get some images into a group without a lot of effort from anyone involved. If you happen to have any suggestions on how to make this idea better, please let me know.

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  • magicelle

    This is wonderful. My grandfather always said “Har koja keh beravi aseman haman rang ast” which is farsi for “anywhere you go the sky is the same color”. I have heard this from him so many times. He died only a few years ago, but his words remain and my family and I often talk about this–as different as we think we are, we all share certain values, traits, and look upon the same sky…

  • web hosting

    excellent idea, but many places sky is not blue may it can happen only for pollution

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