Passing on Watches

nooka conversation diagram

Nooka getting passed around

why does the date say 32 on my watch?

While I’m not at the stage where I’m collecting watches as investments I really, really like them. One of my fav. companies is Nooka – I’ve mentioned Nooka a lot over here at DesignNotes so if you’ve spent anytime you know what I’m talking about. I came across an old but still going post at Core77 about cool watches that I was going to post about. I even took a photo of my fav. Mondaine and Nooka together as the image for the post. But for some reason I never got around to mentioning it, then last night another Nooka story sort of came full circle so I thought I might as well add it here.

To make this post understandable I thought it would be easier to diagram what I’m about to blab about. To make a long story short a couple months ago I visited Nooka’s HQ. Afterwards Matthew was nice enough to pass me on a pretty cool Nooka Zot Aluminum Black. I think every person that I’ve met since then has noticed it, and there’s a good story behind how I got it that I mention. Fast forward to a couple weeks ago – I was having breakfast w/ Noah Brier who noticed the same said Nooka watch on my wrist. He then proceeded to mention how his workmate at Naked Farris Yakob actually had a watch given to him by Rob who works at Nooka. They were hanging out when Farris mentioned his how he liked his orange watch. Rob then gave Farris his orange Nooka. So last night I was at a Behance thing (that I’ll be talking about in my next post) and met Farris who was wearing his orange Nooka. So he passed on his story while I passed on mine. I’m not entirely sure what the moral of the story is, but I think Nooka is on to something – I keep running into people that appreciate what they do.

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