Experimenting w/ Behance





Last night I spent a couple hours w/ some other interesting people talking w/ Behance. I’m not sure if they’re known more for their Creative Network or their Action Method products but I was curious to see what they were about. While I’ve been given an action pad and visited their network I really didn’t know that much. When I was asked what I thought about their stuff I blurted out that the materials were too nice. In the past I felt a bit tight writing on the pad, I didn’t want to waste the paper – I’m pretty sure that wasn’t something that they wanted to hear. I also used to use a moleskin but stopped when someone mentioned that I should try using Muji notebooks that are inexpensive. I noticed soon afterwards that my sketches were a lot looser. The other catch with the Behance notepad was that if I had actually gone through the whole pad I had no idea where to buy more. But I digress…

But loose sketches and notes don’t exactly translate to anything more than just that if they aren’t pushed further via a process. Successful people are finishers and they typically use a process to get to where they want. Thinking, dreaming and being creative is a good start but not enough. I’ve never been the best at keeping organized and I’m tired of that. Being in a creative industry is both great and frustrating b/c ideas are easy to come up with, but difficult to execute on. So I’m very interested in anything that can help me to the next level. I’m not going to go in depth to explain Behance’s method of Action Steps, Backburner Items and Reference Items – but with that philosophy and their Action Book I’m going to test it out for a couple weeks to see if I really do become better at being an organized designer. If it does work out I could be buying a lot more of their Action Books in the future. Stay tuned…

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