Putting a name to that face…

Behance Party a couple nights ago - image from lastnightparty

If there’s a time to be in NYC when your senses can be overloaded w/ ideas, parties and events May is it. Between portfolio shows from graduating students, company sponsored gatherings, conferences and ICFF there is a ton to be aware of. For the stuff that I’ll check out I’m always taking in how the particular event is organized. It’s part appreciation and part learning. I’ve been on the other side where I was the one helping out with the work so I know what kind of effort it takes to pull something off successfully. A couple nights ago Behance through a nice gathering. If there was one idea that I luved and would execute myself next time, it would be the polaroid thing where you take a picture of every person and have them put your name and who you are. It’s such a simple way for people to place who they are, and for the host of the party you know exactly who showed up. That way you’re not relying on people leaving business cards, plus it’s way better to have a name to the face than a logo. If you’re curious to see what was going on at that party – check out www.lastnightsparty.com/behanced

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