A couple dog design related posts

Heel Poster

In early May as I was walking my weim Maddie we came across these vibrant posters that had a little dog and the word Heel on it. In the spirit of viral marketing the poster was non descript and was relying on people to search out what Heel really meant. The blog Dog Art Today by Moira McLaughlin took the poster one step further making a number of connections to perhaps the style came from in a post HEEL: Disney Gets All Dog Art-y. Go figure, the Heel poster is from Disney.

Dog Art Today- HEEL- Disney Gets All Dog Art

On another Maddie and dog related note, I just wanted to post the above image that was drawn of Maddie by the artist France Belleville. It was a pretty cool unexpected surprise to see her drawn in such a way that I could appreciate Maddie in a new light…

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  • mxaxm

    Thanks for the links. And btw, I'm obsessed with your NY color study. Brilliant.

    ….And most important….Maddie is a doll. Will keep my eyes open for more Weimart!