Smart/Models Infographics « Athletics

Smart-Models Infographics - Infographics « Athletics

It’s only been a couple days since I was taking notes from the Smart/Models talk and then posted a couple observations. Usually events come and go and people move on. What’s been fascinating to watch is the tech. tracking dance afterwards with those that have the ability to react and understand what people are interested in. While Athletics was showing their diagrams at the event I tried to take a couple photos. The diagrams were quite unique. One photo came out decently while many that I took didn’t. Part of me considered emailing them asking to upload all their infographics – I hesitated b/c I assumed they were like some anal graphic designers worried about getting credit for what they worked on and gave up before I started. A first for me, I saw some people I didn’t know looking at their stats, realized how they could continue the conversation and gave people what they wanted. Here’s Athletics post about Smart/Models Infographics
and their reaction to being invited to speak

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