SVA D-Crit Readings Series Last Night

SVA D-Crit Readings series at KGB Bar

I was tipped off to the SVA D-Crit Readings series from fellow co-worker/new hotshot recruit Samuel who works at Daylife. I wasn’t sure what to expect though I’m happy that he mentioned it b/c I would have been disappointed to have missed it. In order of speakers last night at KGB Bar was Akiko Busch, Paola Antonelli and Paul Lukas. For me the best design events aren’t the biggest ones, or the famous ones but the unexpected ones that would be very hard to recreate again. It happens once and can’t be duplicated. I think this one last night falls into my last category. For the people that I recognized sitting around and standing up, it was incredibly relaxed. The fact that stella was only five bucks didn’t hurt either.

The highlight for me was Paul Lukas’ talk on beef charts. It was perfect timing as I mentioned in an earlier blog post wondering if there was a technical name for such diagrams. As he talked about the evolution of the charts it was light humoured but incredibly informative. He even had handouts that I photographed below. The only thing I’m surprised that he didn’t mention was the FreshDirect Beef Guide. I’m can’t remember the date of the next one, but sign up to be on the mailing list at eweiner1 [at] so you won’t miss out.

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