Yes advertising is in trouble, but by this much?

madison ave broke

I typically walk Maddie down a route that loops from Madison Avenue to Park Avenue and back. One of the things that I pay semi regular attention to are the small ad-spaces that line the street on bus shelters and phone booths. It isn’t unusual to see a blank ad from time to time which means the the space wasn’t sold. What is surprising is when the spot is on 42nd Street and Madison Avenue. If you look at the middle of the image I took last night you’ll notice the empty bus shelter ad. If in a prime spot like that can stay blank in the busiest city in the word, it makes me wonder about the state of advertising. It’s an apt symbol showing how hard it is for people to buy into the classic model of advertising. If there’s something good about what that blank canvas shows – there’s a lot of room to try new things, at this point there’s nothing to loose.

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