Yahoo Top Searches of 2006 Could Be More Helpful

Top Searches of 2006 Interactive

When it comes to the end of the year it seems like everyone has a list for something. Top music, top stories, top whatever – and Yahoo is no different. As of late Yahoo has been taken some negative press as being number two in the search engine race and then there’s the news that MySpace beat Yahoo in page views… Well how they documented their top search results doesn’t exactly finish first in my rank either. When you first start off at you’re introduced to a video clip. I was expecting something more than a person telling me what I’m about the click, it was a complete waste of time pressing play. If you weren’t totally turned off and was still interested in their top search data and chose to click “check it out”, you were thrown into this screen above. The floating balls really didn’t have any relation to their size and there’s a lot of mini balls that don’t do anything. On the right hand column, if you roll over one of the names, the images above scroll sideways. While in theory this should be kind of cool, I think the images are too far above the button that is being clicked and your eye has to move to far to make any meaningful experience. There’s other things that aren’t that great about it, but I’ll let you find them yourself.

Top Searches of 2006

And then there’s the big list. Again the way things are designed it’s not helping refelct the information as much as just showing the lists in contrasting tables. There’s the relation of a top ten, but we don’t know how much more American Idol beat Lost for example. A simple percentage reflected in colour or scale would have been a good start, heck even a graph would have helped. The whole idea feels like it was rushed, especially when compared with the 2006 Year-End Google Zeitgeist.

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