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The week is finally winding down after lots of ups and downs on a continuous cycle for me. With some drinks on the roof of Daylife in SoHo on a sunny Friday afternoon it was a fitting end. The weekend promises to be pretty great – lots of sun, hanging with friends and getting a kicking new haircut are some of the things scheduled. Now in my fourth week I offer some of the better links that caught my attention. For this set I decided to start off with my top five tracks swirling in my head at the moment.

Mark Ronson feat. Paul Smith
Apply Some Pressure

The Submarines
You Me and the Bourgeoisie

She and Him (ft. Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward)
Bring It On Home To Me

Marlena Shaw
California Soul (Diplo Remix)

American Boy (ft. Kanye West)

Welcome to BrickGun, the world leader in custom Lego weapon models. We specialize in creating the coolest, most realistic kits that can be built using genuine Lego parts. Each model is life-sized, with accurate dimensions and details. They feature functioning mechanics such as triggers, hammers, slides, safeties and magazines so they not only look like the real thing, they work like the real thing as well. Take a look at our models and see why we believe they are the best that can be made. Once you do, we think you’ll agree that they are The Coolest Lego Weapons in the World.

Lost America’s photostream

Certain spatial fears seem endemic to the modern metropolis, and Los Angeles defines this term in ways that no other American city can approximate. This amorphous skein of strip malls, gated developments, highway entrances and exit ramps, lays unfurled over the landscape like a sheet over a cadaver. Surely the earth is dead beneath the sheer weight and breadth of this built form?

Rachael Ray’s Paisley Scarf Puts Media on Orange Alert
Time was, the only reason a marketer would pull an ad was because it wasn’t selling stuff. Now all that’s required to knock a spot out of circulation is an outraged blogger with bad eyesight.

Tailor’s Absinthe Gummi Bears: Is the Green Fairy Jumping the Shark?
We’re not sure how we feel about this.Photo: UrbanDaddy Now that it’s legal, is absinthe doomed to become the new bacon — a sacred product that is endlessly corrupted for the sake of a cheap laugh? We suspected as much when we saw absinthe lollipops get the sort of press attention that bacon lollipops did, and now that UrbanDaddy has alerted us to Tailor’s absinthe Gummi Bear, we’re really worried. Of course, it’s a good sign that the treat, which is served with a cup of espresso, is 85 percent absinthe with just a bit of sugar and gelatin (Eben Freeman wouldn’t corrupt this hallowed drink too much), but to lesser artisans who are planning on serving absinthe cupcakes or turning Tucker Max’s infamous “absinthe doughnuts” into a reality, we beg you to stop the insanity.


Oscar And The Alma Doll
I wonder whether any of you have seen the film Lars and the Real Girl? It was a sweet, chaste sort of film considering its casting of a Real Doll as the female lead, and though I enjoyed it I couldn’t help but spend its entire length being reminded of the altogether less sweet, less chaste, true life corollary of “Oscar and the Alma Doll.”

VivoBarefoot is a revolutionary, back-to-basics design based on the simple principle that being barefoot is the healthiest way for you and your feet to be. An ultra thin puncture resistant sole allows your feet to be as millions of years of evolutionary design intended – Barefoot!


Live: Panel Meets To Discuss ‘The Future of Media’
Today a panel of journalists (including our own Erick Schonfeld) is meeting at NYU at an I Want Media Forum to discuss the future of media

15 Photographs by 100 Photographers is just that.
A collection of the best work from all our contributers, displayed without hierarchy or the burden of competition.
It is also a place for collaboration and the production of ideas that represent the endless possibilities that exist when a group is fueled by a common, selfless purpose.
Enjoy the diversity of talent we have here, and be sure to make the flow of support reciprocal and rewarding.

mutek 2008 mini-review
For me, the end of May is always marked by a road trip to Montreal for the Mutek festival. I haven’t taken in the entire festival since 2006 as that year I realized that I have a tolerance for about ten shows in a week, after which point I start to run up a dangerous bar tab and foam at the mouth. As luck would have it, this year’s schedule condensed most of the programming I was interested in into a 48 hour window.

You used to share clothes with your roommate. But a hostile ballet flat takeover meant a formal designation of borders (drawn by a third-party witness) and a changed statehood. You two could benefit from A Peace Treaty, a new socially conscious label of global artifacts. Operating from the UWS, it’s based on a pact made by two smart ladies (a Pakistani Muslim and Libyan Jew) to raise global awareness.

Everything New is Old Again
Designers are becoming more masterful at creating social experiences, yet reading with most feed readers is still much like reading a magazine or a book: isolated but portable, modular yet somewhat sequential. While that timing and sequence is controlled by the reader, it is still a solo experience.

When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work. However, in the process of documenting Alison’s growth, I developed a passionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.

This work was done in Bocchignano, Italy, a village close to Rome, as part of the group project “20 Eventi”. The group of artists developed projects for 4 villages of the Sabina region and decided to create a compilation of drawings, for collectors to purchase, and to support this project.

To enter the somewhat formidable Neo-Renaissance building at Boltzmanngasse 3 in Vienna, you must pass through a small door sawed from the original cathedrallike entrance. When I first visited this past March, it was chilly and overcast in the late afternoon. Atop several tall stories of scaffolding there were two men who would hardly have been visible from the street were it not for their sunrise-orange jumpsuits. As I was about to pass through the nested entrance, I heard a sudden rush of wind and felt a mist of winter drizzle. I glanced up. The veiled workers were power-washing away the building’s façade, down to the century-old brick underneath.

Adobe Launches Online Document Collaboration Suite
Adobe quietly launched earlier this week which the company hopes will change the way the world works together on documents, for the better. is obviously Adobe’s answer to Google Docs.

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