New York City Colour Study 144 Days (A) or (B)

New York City Colour Study (A) 144 Days

New York City Colour Study (B) 144 Days

Every couple of weeks I play w/ the images I’m taking for my New York City Colour Study. Today was day 144 which allowed me to make a grid of squares 9 units wide and 16 high. I’m curious to hear from people what works better; sans white line (A) or outlined (B). If you have a moment please let me know.

– merci

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  • Johanna

    I really like it with lines. I'm nutty about squares, so I guess the more distinct the squares are (the more defined?), the more aesthetically pleased I am.

  • Adrian Shum

    Personally, I like B (with outlines)… although I guess it depends on what type of a look and feel you're going for and the intended application (i.e. if you were planning to create a photo mosaic illustration I'd likely go with A)… but then again, I'd have to see it to decide. 😉

  • Greg J. Smith

    Although the grid is certainly implicit in the first iteration, I vote for the latter. I think the white grid lines really do a lot for the clarity of the overall image.

  • Marcus Batey

    A is more, um… arty? It's harder to process the squares one by one so you get quite a jumble which is quite a cool effect, like trying to decipher a magic eye or something.

    B has a certain sense of order, each image can be identified individually which strengthens the concept of it being a snapshot of each day.

    So B retains each shot's individuality while still creating a larger piece. That make sense? 🙂

    Plus it reminds me of an Illy colour swatch which I think would be a novel end result!

    Great project btw!

  • Danny Heffer

    A for me, feels more like a woven tapestry.

  • Mr Smith

    Definitely no lines. The lines add that extra element that dilutes.

  • mxaxm

    I prefer A. It looks like a work of art. B reminds me of a side of a building or an airline ad. But…I like the white lines in the smaller version of the color study in your sidebar.

  • freddygirl

    not outline… it's lovely all blended together, more like a coat of many colours, you know?

  • angie

    i prefer seeing the study sans outline. it makes it more comprehensive as a sky.