Circled ring in Union Square

Fight Club in Union Square

When I was walking home a couple weeks ago through Union Square I didn’t really think much of the crowd that circled a couple people. I tend to avoid those types of groups. But as I got closer I heard a thud, a bunch of oooohs and then just as quickly I saw an arm swing back. It was obvious that two people were fighting and the crowd was watching. I was a little sickened and left. It was until a day or two later when I read about fight club via PSFK and andiamnotlying. Having that background info it didn’t seem so bad for me to approach the circle last night when I saw it happening again. Keep in mind that I’m not much of a fan of the caged fighting of UFC. But I was curious to see how the whole Fight Club in Union Square worked out. For two guys fighting it was incredibly quiet. Everyone watching had an intense focus. Sure there was also disbelief that the fighting was happening, but they weren’t about to stop it.

I stayed for about twenty minutes and saw three fights. No one really got injured that much aside from their pride. The first battle was the longest with the two guys taking breaks every couple minutes. One guy was much quicker while the other guy had the height and weight. The second match was an equal match of two fairly lanky guys that didn’t seem to have been out of high school too long. The third match was the most skillful of the three. Lots of swinging kicks and grappling. If there was one match that had the potential to have someone’s head taken off – this was going to be the one. But whenever the guy in the tank top had obviously won he held back. They both knew who had was victorious. There was no need to put someone in the hospital. While it may seem strange to see two people battling show respect if you’ve ever played rugby you know you leave everything on the field and have a beer with your opponent afterwards. There was no beer but water was shared.

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  • Mark Turuk

    Out of curiosity, any cops around?

  • michaelsurtees

    after reading “NYC Is Getting a New High-Tech Defense Perimeter. Let's Hope It Works” in Wired magazine i don't know how they're not around. i suspect that they would be causing more trouble by breaking it up then it's worth.