I haven’t read the book yet, but…

Danielle Sacks of Fast Company magazine and Rob Walker of Buying In

Who would have thought that the thing to do on a Friday night was to head over to the Art Directors club to hear a writer talking about a book. That writer was Rob Walker and he was talking about his just released book event was organized by Buying In. The event was organized by PSFK who did a nice job of keeping things organized and running on time. Before starting Rob took a picture of the audience with everyone’s hand over their face. After that he spent a couple minutes talking about why he wrote the book. Soon after that he invited Danielle Sacks of Fast Company for a collaborative talk.

I’m not sure if it was b/c I had read most of Rob’s articles for the New York Times or something else, but the actual conversation between the two of them seemed familiar and slightly old. It was like the conversation could have happened two years ago. There weren’t a lot of new pivot points to grab onto. I also heard the phrase “I haven’t read the book yet, but…” w/ both friends I talked w/ before the event started and the Q/A affterwards. But again people were very familiar w/ the ideas that Rob written about. In part that’s b/c a lot of the stories have been blogged about once they were first published from NYT. It was a good night, just not a new night of hearing about what those murketers are up to.

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