BusinessWeek: Redirecting the Web’s News Stream, Daylife’s online aggregation model could help drive traffic to Old Media

Redirecting the Web's News Stream, Daylife's online aggregation model could help drive traffic to Old Media (BusinessWeek)

Thanks to the ongoing digitization of, well, everything, the economics of news has gotten onerous. But the optimistic view is that what the Web takes, it may one day give back. At least that’s what those behind news aggregator Daylife put forth. Daylife is one of many players that automatically assemble news from multiple sources and then slice and dice it in myriad ways. (Others in this space include Inform and Newser, which was founded by my occasional on-air sparring partner, Vanity Fair columnist Michael Wolff.)

Daylife does this on its own site, which features a number of interesting applications for dipping into the online news universe, and also powers subject-specific news feeds on clients’ sites. These feeds enable sites to publish ever-updating links to rich and varied news stories and photos (including blog posts). Publishers using that service include Huffington Post and USA Today. London’s Daily Telegraph is about to launch a Daylife-powered entertainment-and-gossip portal. Daylife generally charges $10,000 to $18,000 a month for this service, says company founder Upendra Shardanand. Read the rest of the BusinessWeek story at


For the most part I haven’t really mentioned a lot of Daylife work here on DesignNotes. The reason being is that I’ve been extremely busy working with a great team that is about to make some cool things public. The BuisnessWeek story mentions a couple of those “fun” things that are soon to released. Once those “grab-and-go” services are available I’ll be passing that info out – stay tuned.

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  • kim

    Getting the big news organizations to work well together…that is a great idea, especially with shrinking newsroom staffs. It will be interesting to see how these new projects work out!