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You Should Do It Now .com

I’ve always been a sucker for those motivational type of communications, whether it’s something from Nike like the Michael Jordan-Nike Failure Commercial to books like Paul Arden’s It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be. The above offering from Converse at www.youshoulddoitnow.com falls into that same genre. I won’t give a play by play account but it’s a nice move on the “-” idea. It was kind of fitting to have found it yesterday (June 21st) during summer solstice. When I was living up in Canada I was always a bit sad the next day b/c I knew the sun was going to be up just a little bit less than the last day and so on. It meant that in a couple months it would be a lot darker and colder. In NYC it isn’t nearly as bad with the sun and weather. I also really looked forward to December 21 b/c the reverse was about to happen – more sun and the seasons were rolling forward once again. While I was in Minneapolis for a couple UX Intensive courses last week, one of the evening’s after workshop events was hosted by the agency Space150. They’ve got a great idea where they “evolve” every 150 days. I’m not entirely sure if that just means changing the face of their web site or how they do business – but either way I like the idea. While I’m always tweaking my blog DesignNotes, my homepage rarely changes. I think I might have to borrow the evolution idea and change my homepage though not every 150 days but twice a year. If I had been really thinking I would have moved the updated design up for June 21st. And have the process again be updated December 21st. Practically speaking I’ll take a couple days to replace my current site (pretend I did it on June 21st) and then change things again December 21st and continue twice a year. It’s worth a try – I have nothing to loose.

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