REVIEW: Photoshop Keyboard Skins at Photojojo

Photoshop Keyboard Skins at Photojojo

Photoshop Keyboard Skins at Photojojo

About a month ago Amit Gupta of and jelly fame emailed me mentioning the new Photoshop keyboard shortcut skins, and if I was interested he would send me one. Always curious to try new things I said sure, please send me one and I’ll review it here once I’ve been able to try it. I’ve now been testing it out for a couple weeks and I’d like to share a couple observations.

Once I received the package in the mail the first thing that struck me was how thin the actual skin was. It’s quite durable but super thin. I requested the skin for the new apple keyboard that isn’t wireless as it’s the one that I have in front of me at work all day. Something that I’m pretty sure you can’t guess until you try it is how many people have never seen anything like it before. Once I had started using it almost every single person that I work with came by my desk wondering what I was using. It was quite a conversation starter.

After explaining what the skin was intended for, one co-worker that’s a developer asked if someone should already know all those short-cuts? The simple answer is yes, but over time people can forget things or just discover new features. So while I’m not going to use each of those functions everyday, it was nice to know what was there at my finger tips. While I’ve been enjoying the skin it’s not completely perfect. Since the skin is completely opaque, there’s no indicator if the caps lock button is on or off. It’s not a huge deal but every once in a while I did wish I could see the green light on the button. A slightly more irritating omission was the sound bars on the upper F10, F11 and F12 keys. While they’re not part of photoshop it would have been helpful to see the sound up, lower and mute symbols. If there was one benefit that was unexpected, I asked a couple people that I talk to online if they noticed less spelling and grammar errors? After they had thought about it for a couple moments they conceded that they actually did notice an improvement.

If you’re curious to know more about the different skins, check them out at

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  • fggdf

    looks nice but pretty pointless, that stuff is easy to remember its the things when you hold cmd/opt etc that are what you need on there