This is the day when all Canadians around the world go on strike to show what a superpower Canada really is…

Canada Type

It’s a little known fact outside of Canada – but July first is Canada Day. Pancake breakfasts’, beer gardens, trips down the river in canoes and fireworks are all traditional staples of the festivities. Now living in NYC I’ll trade the canoe exploration for the free kayaking down the Hudson river. It’s also a great day to share some lesser known design stuff from Canada. The above image comes via a link from pica-n-pixel. Canada Type is an independent font development studio based in Canada. The site is a collection of fonts that they have for sale with great rationals for all the typefaces. The one above is fittingly called Flirt.


By far the best online resource for Canadian Design anywhere, the Canadian Design Resource is a great collection to check out. Both past and present work from a number of different disciplines is shown in this ongoing site.

The Souvenir Shop - Je Me Souviens

A third site where you can buy Canadian Design is The site is frustrating to navigate through but if you’re patient or just jump to you can check out the designers and their work. I was happy to see friends Chet Domanski and Joel Yatscoff selling decommissioned natural gas pipelines in Alberta, Canada and vinyl stickers.

On a slightly different note, finding designers from Canada that actually work and live in NYC is somewhat rare. I can only think of two or three people myself. If you’re reading this post and know of someone from Canada that is indeed working in NYC or has worked here, I would be grateful for you to pass their name onto me. I’d like to do an interview series talking about their experiences. A lot of Canadians think it’s easy to work down here, which is a bit of a myth. I’d like to pass on other Canadians’ experiences so if someone does indeed want to work here, they can gain from what others were able to do to make the jump.

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  • Mark Turuk

    Happy C-Day Michael,

    The usual; beer, bbq and fireworks.



  • Chris Clarke

    Thanks for the comments on the Canadian Design Resource… that is our original design, however in the next month (hopefully!) we should be launching a fully redesigned, fully restructured and reprogrammed site…

  • Sacha

    Um… I am Canadian… well sort of… officially I am… but I'm a designer, and I work in the States… sort of… I telecommute, so it REALLY throws people on a conference call when I speak in an English accent, & then tell them that i actually live on a rock off the coast of BC.

  • rocknonstop

    Canada should go on strike until some of that internet money goes her way.