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New York Quote from Clay Felker

While reading about the death of Clay Felker in the NYT, the above quote struck me for several reasons. It had to do with both the past and present of what I’ve considered a staple of design – communication. In school design was supposed to be this great equalizer where design could be communicated to help fix social issues, present information w/ clarity and for me make something out of nothing. It was a slightly utopian view to say the least. Today I look at that quote via the filter of the all encompassing “blog”. Why do people read blogs? In part it’s probably to quickly consume what they find interesting though it may never go further than a quick copy + paste link to email to their friends. The thing is I don’t think “blog” has really hit the full potential that publications once had. Part of the issue is transferring print directly to web w/ out considering it’s a different medium. The classic example is how craigslist has destroyed how newspapers made a lot of profit via their classified ads. Newspapers never adjusted for the medium and are in catchup mode. Now that online reading & consumption allows people to copy, share and edit – the potential for something pretty cool that even the elitist’s can find interesting, is interesting. Of course another word for elitist is “people in denial for being like everyone else”…

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