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Iced Coffee in NYC Rankings | DesignNotes by Michael Surtees

Iced Coffee in NYC Rankings

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A couple weeks ago I mentioned on twitter about my disappointment w/ an iced coffee experience. Not soon after I was given a couple recommendations of places I should check out. Taking those places into consideration and a couple other places I frequent for iced coffee I offer up my ranking. The ratings is by no means an exhaustive list – if you have a favourite that you think I should check out, please let me know. From time to time I’ll update this list w/ new finds. If you’re looking for one that is close to you – check out my google map.

Café Grumpy [Rank 1]Café Grumpy [Rank 1]
LOCATION: 224 West 20th Street

PRICE: $$$$$

CONVENIENCE: Be prepared to be patient and not on a deadline

THE ICED COFFEE: Café Grumpy has the advantage of using the clover which is a single cup press and a variety of beans. I never know what to choose so I go on the recommendation of what’s the best bean of the week for iced coffee – I’ve never been disappointed.

The City Bakery [Rank 2]The City Bakery [Rank 2]
LOCATION: 3 West 18th Street

OVERALL RATING: Almost a Full Cup
PRICE: $$$

CONVENIENCE: For the amount of people that go through the two lines – very smooth

THE ICED COFFEE: Their large seems like extra large in terms of how much you get and considering the quantity it strikes a good balance that isn’t too strong nor watered down. Walking to work, this would be the place where I would stop first – great location and walking down Fifth Ave to Washington Square Park is a nice bonous.

La Colombe Cafe [Rank 3]La Colombe Cafe [Rank 3]
LOCATION: 319 Church St

OVERALL RATING: 3/4 of a Full Cup

CONVENIENCE: Depends if you have to cross Canal St. or not, inside it’s an ok wait time depending on the line

THE ICED COFFEE: If you like it strong this cup is for you. Cool interior though I hate crossing Canal St. to get there, though I’ve never been disappointed when I needed an afternoon boost.

Joe the Art of Coffee [Rank 4]Joe the Art of Coffee [Rank 4]
LOCATION: 405 West 23rd street

OVERALL RATING: Just Slightly Less Than 3/4 of a Cup
PRICE: $$$

CONVENIENCE: Pretty fast

THE ICED COFFEE: It was decent though in comparison to the others it wasn’t that notable. If you had the option of going to a Starbucks or Joe’s – Joe’s would be the obvious choice.

Aroma Espresso Bar [Rank 5]Aroma Espresso Bar [Rank 5]
LOCATION: 145 Greene St

OVERALL RATING: Less Than 1/4 of a Cup
PRICE: $$$

CONVENIENCE: It’s been fast, it’s been slow – not sure what to expect when I wait.

THE ICED COFFEE: There’s been times when I would give this iced coffee 1 out of 5, and the one was only given b/c it was iced coffee. The coffee has been barely cold while other times it’s been ok. It’s only redeeming feature is that it’s in a good location in SoHo for me and the design inside is pretty nice.

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  • http://www.iamtheweather.com seanaes

    Iced Americano or Espresso over Ice would be my selection, especially at places that have good espresso. Of course you want those shots pulled fresh and not poured out from a pitcher of 'espresso' for use in iced espresso drinks (for shame)

  • http://www.twitter.com/thaddeusclark Thaddeus Clark

    Try Abraco E.7th Between 1st and 2nd Ave. I can't imagine another place making a better iced-coffee; it takes them 12 hours to brew .

  • http://designnotes.info/ michaelsurtees

    i'll make a note to check it out – thanks