Mapping Audio – 5 Days Off: Frozen

5 Days Off- Frozen

5 Days Off- Frozen

Late last week I was sent an email from Andreas Nicolas Fischer about an exhibition called Frozen which was part of the 5 Days Off Festival in Amsterdam. The first two images are from a sound sculpture by Andreas, the third image I think is by Shajay Booshan and Daniel Widrig while the last image was by Marius Watz. You can see the whole collection of sound sculptures on flickr. I really like the idea of visualizing something that people don’t necessarily associate visually which is sound. Down the road it would be fascinating to take those sculptures, tweak them and then hear how the notes would sound differently.

Below is a number of other links to the participating artisits:

Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Benjamin Maus

Daniel Widrig & Shajay Booshan

Leander Herzog (LennyJpg)

Marius Watz

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