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Phillip Toledano - Days with My Father1

Phillip Toledano - Days with My Father2

Via im yesterday Jody passed me on the above site from Phillip Toledano – Days with My Father. My first reaction to her was pretty cool nav – simply click below, above or to the left to advance the images. She replied read the story! If you happen to visit the site that would be my advice too. The option of seeing all the images through one nav, and being able to click sequentially once you decide on your entry point make sense to how Phillip documented his father and his struggles of growing old amid memory loss. It is quite a story that will make you appreciate the time that you are living at the moment.

Designed and programmed by, if I had one slight nit pick from my side – it was the typography. I’m not a big fan of Futura Avant Garde which is what I think they used for the story. I don’t usually spend that much time reading from sites that are all flash – which I did this time, so the argument could be made that the typography did its job. To really have pushed it, it wold have been interesting to see the whole thing written by Phillip’s hand, maybe an option to hear his voice too. Down another path I just wish the type had been slightly bigger, a bit looser w/ the leading and some other typeface that doesn’t have such a ridiculous letter “a”.

With that said it’s still a really great site that makes you forget the technology behind it – and captures a moment that was worth sharing.

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  • caren litherland

    Avant Garde, methinks.

    Thanks a lot for this, Michael: particularly resonant at the moment.

  • Tom Cannon

    Century Gothic Regular.

  • Greg

    That's a brilliant site, on the whole really moving but the handful of light-hearted comments work really well.
    The phrase 'such a ridiculous letter “a”' is making me smile, thanks.

  • tinkugallery

    This site is beautiful, it's amazing to see what people are putting up on Flickr. Makes me feel hopelessly untalented though. 🙂

    I agree with you about the typography even though I didn't know what font they were using. I actually think it worked better with no text at all. I think the pictures say enough without the viewer needing a narrative.