Field-Testing the Field-Tested Book Live in New York

Field-Tested Books Live in NYC

To be honest, the Delancey probably wasn’t the best location for Coudal’s Field-Tested Books live reading in New York. The rooftop was packed which in turn made it kind of loud for the eager audience. There was little room for improve – those that were heard kept it simple and loud so everyone could hear. The other issue was the giant column that blocked a lot of the view. To contradict myself, I’ll mention in a moment why that might not have been so bad after all. Having never been invited to be a part of a book reading I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sure I prepped, I practiced reading my piece in front of Tamara and Madison, visualized success and drank beer to calm my nerves. But until you actually get to the venue it’s hard to predict where things are going to head. With the loudness and not being able to see the readers for the first half it kind of calmed me. Some people are going to be able to hear better than others, and chances of seeing a lot of people read every word was slightly minimized. So far so good in my mind.

At intermission I managed to get to the front where I ran into my friend Debbie and was introduced to Jeffrey. I also noticed that the other side of the column that was blocking my view actually held more people than I thought and yes people would be able to see every word that I spoke. I think my mind was preoccupied talking w/ Debbie which helped in me not thinking about what I was about to do. The second half started without any problems that I could see, though I was in a great spot to hear and see everything. Five people in, it was my turn. After deciding to not have a flashlight shown under my face and only one shout of “speak louder”, things went pretty good for me. I tried not to rush what seemed like an eternity and tried to enjoy the moment.

Some of my personal highlights were finally meeting Steve Delahoyde who’s been a great supporter of what I’ve tried to do w/ my blog here, meeting up w/ Debbie Millman again, hearing Randy Cohen talk in person as opposed to just hearing him on the NYT Ethicist podcast, shaking Jon Parker‘s hand just before he was to talk (after realizing that I was Michael from Canada), hearing a lot of great stories, and most of all just getting the chance to blab and in front of a lot of smart people. I really appreciated all the effort that was put into the entire production of the book to the website to the talk – an incredible amount of time. I hope more business’s like Coudal follow their lead in the future.

Below is the final, final roster of speakers in order…

Ben Greenman
Liz Danzico
Steven Heller
Ron Hogan
Matt Linderman
Randy Cohen
Randy J. Hunt
Debbie Millman
John Gruber


Jon Parker
Andy Ross
Jason Santa Maria
Maud Newton
Michael Surtees
Scott Korb
Pitchaya Sudbanthad
Jeffrey Zeldman

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  • Amrita

    For those of us too far away to get to the reading, this is a good substitute (maybe even better than being there since we get to hear what is going on in your head!)…

    Sounds like it was a good event, congrats.

  • Gene

    i don't think i've ever seen so many flies at a bar… thanks for the pics. i'm sort of sad that you don't have the audio files for us in the back. the ambient noise was way too loud…