People interpreting news events and information

Search terms after Earthquake Rattles Southern California Jul 29, 2008

For a couple hours yesterday when people were wondering about news about the earthquake in California, Google Hot Trends showed a list of their top searches. Click HERE for a larger version of the image. Less than 6 or 7 search terms out of 100 didn’t relate to the earthquake which meant that over 90% of what people wanted more info about at the same time was related to the earthquake. I don’t follow search terms that much but from time to time I’ll see small clusters on trends that relate – but nothing like that. If anything a listing like that shows how people interpret news for themselves – no single keyword, but how the events relate to their own personal motivation. In some respects it’s an information architects worst nightmare, but tons of opportunities for interaction design to deliver how people want more info on a topic.

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