Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 1st (August 2008)


This week came and went in the blink of the eye for me and I’m not too sure why. In any case my Link Drop this week has been influenced quite a bit by technology and copywriting. As with every week so far w/ the Link Drop I’ve made some tweaks to the format. Sometimes it’s more subtle than other times. If you’ve been following from week to week and months and have a suggestion to make it better, please let me know. Ciao until next week.
– Michael

[scott goodson] EXCERPT: “bout ten years ago, I wrote the first businessplan for a new kind of company. I hadn’t really figured out everything, but I had a pretty good idea what this company wasn’t going to be about.”'s’s photostream
[Flickr] EXCERPT: “Nervo is a multi-disciplinary design studio based on Portland, OR USA. Led by founder and Creative Director Nando Costa, the diverse collective of digital artists create filmed and animated artwork for a variety of applications. The studio’s wide-range of styles and techniques…”

The blueness of Heat_1217550799866The blueness of Heat
[noisydecentgraphics] EXCERPT: “I reckon there are only four films I’ve seen more than once, properly, all the way through, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Lion King, Lord of the Rings and Heat. Breakfast at Tiffany’s used to be my favourite…”

3rings » The Cootie Catcher_1217550810207The Cootie Catcher
[3rings] EXCERPT: “Uh, Oh, I spy a theme emerging. Fresh off a look at 3Fold, in which George Rice both critiques and invigorates the aesthetic of the boardroom, comes another example of modern minimalism in glass and steel.”

In the creative world, the only constant is change - International Herald Tribune_1217550861548In the creative world, the only constant is change
[IHT] EXCERPT: “Design is all about change. It can help us to understand the changes in the world around us, and turn them to our advantage by translating them into things that make our lives more efficient or enjoyable, sometimes both.”

Literacy Debate - Online, R U Really ReadingLiteracy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?
[NYT] EXCERPT: “Books are not Nadia Konyk’s thing. Her mother, hoping to entice her, brings them home from the library, but Nadia rarely shows an interest. Instead, like so many other teenagers, Nadia, 15, is addicted to the Internet…”

Pussies in Beaverton_1217550903627Nike pulls Hyperdunk ads amid criticism
[the sherman foundation] EXCERPT: “Nike said Friday it would pull its ads for its Hyperdunk basketball shoes, responding to criticism that they fed homophobic views.”

Creative Review Monograph_1217551074894Creative Review Monograph
[bantjes] EXCERPT: “This is a really important piece for me. Patrick Burgoyne at Creative Review offered me one of these “Monograph” pieces they send out with subscription…”

Photographers » Blog Archive » Let there be light | Blogs | Reuters.com_1217551117844Let there be light
[blogs.reuters] EXCERPT: “It’s after 9:00 pm on a Sunday night, Centre Court, Wimbledon. I am up on platform B with about 15 other photographers. This position often produces the best celebration photos as players turn and face their family and coaches seated above us upon match point…”

Untitled Document_1217551126512WallKandy
EXCERPT: “WallKandy is an art forum for people who have a passion for the ‘Urban Art’ movement. It covers artist news, releases, street sites & gallery updates and…”

Chet Chat with Chet_1217558853532Columbia Records AdSense LOL
[Chet Chat with Chet] EXCERPT: “As of yesterday they actually had a major piece of real estate on their corporate site…”

Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones_1217551138888Objectified: A New Film by Gary Hustwit
[Hoefler & Frere-Jones (H&FJ)] EXCERPT: “Ever since director Gary Hustwit invited us to appear in his film Helvetica, life has changed for me and Tobias in two ways. First, we get recognized on the street from time to time (always with the implied aren’t you those type dorks) — but second, and more rewardingly…”

Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Users, Music Industry Takes Notice_1217555088351Tap Tap Revenge Approaches 1 Million Users, Music Industry Takes Notice
[tech crunch] EXCERPT: “Tapulous, the company behind Tap Tap Revenge, has announced that the popular iPhone app will hit 1 million installs some time this weekend…”

Nookalookbook08_FIN_03noo look for nooka
[Nooka Blog] EXCERPT: “our noo look book [notice all the lovely double o’s there] went to press this week and we updated the website with the noo photos as well. fashion week is for androids, and it’s no different for the catwalk…”

modernnixiesA Modern Take On Nixie Tube Clocks from BDDW, Chronotronix, Puhlmann and Peter J. Jensen
[if its hip its here] EXCERPT: “Most Nixie tube clocks ordinarily look a little steam punk and a little scientific a la Thomas Dolby. But I found a few companies that make nixie clocks pretty enough for almost anyone’s taste…”

 Communciate With Charm_1217590207418Communciate With Charm
[charlie gower] EXCERPT: “It’s the simple things that make us smile. Good lateral thinking. This is what we need to think about when designing communication services. Keeping it in the here and now. Focus on the the stuff people actually see…”

» Calgary’s scrambling too! • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape_1217590469869Calgary’s scrambling too!
[Spacing Toronto] EXCERPT: “I’m in Calgary at the moment, en route to Hong Kong. This is a fast-growing, fast-changing city, and there are a couple of interesting changes that I noticed while I was here. One of them is the introduction of two new scramble…”


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