Did you like Clerks because of the dialogue?

Design by http://www.wattsei.com/work/index.php?pg=5

I was clicking through a lot of links this morning when I came across the above gem. It wasn’t exactly easy to figure out who designed it though I think it was by Rich Watts. You can see a larger image of it on his site at http://www.wattsei.com/work/index.php?pg=5. The diagram itself is showing all the conversations that happened in the film Clerks. At a thumbnail level it takes some squinting to read everything, but the legend is as follows: “Each colored block represents one second in the movie with individual blocks grouped into rows of sixty seconds… The color of each block indicates the character speaking at that specific moment in time. Seconds with no active speaker are indicated by a split gray block and character lines containing profanity are indicated by white dots in the corresponding blocks”.

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  • http://www.michaelhogenmiller.com/blog Michael Hogenmiller

    This is fantastic. I want to see this for other movies!

  • http://dreamdogsart.typepad.com/art/ Moira

    Uggg…I did not like Clerks and now I know why. It's a mess. I would love to see other movies too. Very curious about the rhythms of what I consider to be great films.

  • charlene

    Do you think this is available as a poster 'cause I would really, really like to have it.