What’s the location?

where are you?

There’s two predictable sections of a site that I like checking out once I’ve bounced around from page to page. The first is the “About” category closely followed by “Contact”. The thing that really frustrates me about contact info on a large percentage of sites is that all they have is an email address. I can understand that people that work from where they live might want to keep their address unlisted – but at least mention the city that you’re residing in. For the most part I’m just curious but I also like to have an idea of where the site’s people are coming from. If I were to guess why it’s the case that the city isn’t mentioned – it’s either intentional or completely unintentional which is kind of ironic. If it’s intentional you probably have your reasons for not wanting to advertise it. If it’s unintentional it probably has to do w/ the fact that you already assume that people know where you’re located. Either way it seems like you’re not communicating all that you should. Am I completely off with my assumptions about why the location is missing?

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  • http://scrapzone.wordpress.com/ Gabi

    I miss that too – and now I'll try to do something about it on my blog… LOL.

    Gabi from São Paulo/Brasil

  • http://www.lkcreative.com Lisa Kelly

    Agree!! It's one of my pet peeves when folks leave off the address on a website. It's not professional, but so many people do it. While I work out of my home, I rent a post office box & use that street address on all my materials.

    BTW, I enjoy your site!