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One of the things I’m going to attempt while on vacation is to update some of designNote’s content sections. First up will be the Other Sites section. I have a lot of sites to add and weed out any site that doesn’t exist anymore. I’m also going to change the design up a bit. Part of the additions will be sites that have me on their blog roll to – only fair to pass on the link karma back. If on the off chance that I may have missed your site while you’ve linked to me, please let me know. Just send me an email to michael [at] michaelsurtees dot com. I don’t know of any really good way of finding sites that have a link pointing to me from a blogroll, so if there is a way please let me know.

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  • Jamie P.

    Hi Michael,

    I have been reading your blog for a couple months now. I use google analytics which is easy to use and gives me everything I would ever want to know about anyone who visits my site. But If you were asking only about links on blogrolls, I am not sure about that. But you are using wordpress I noticed so you probably are already getting incoming link updates.

    Jamie P.