Location based iphone stuff that isn’t too big brothery


Everyone has their habits when waiting for flights at the airport. Up until yesterday what I would do was open up iTunes to see if anyone else made their music available. I always found it interesting to see what people that were flying around were listening to. As I was about to do the same thing yesterday that got me thinking about the iPhone app Twinkle. It’s an app that enhances twitter by showing you who’s near you by location. It’s kind if interesting b/c the conversation is coming from people that you probably don’t know near by. Why that’s cool is if something kind of strange is going on, it’s probably going to be mentioned on twitter first – if something happens nearby you can get the info first. On the flip side it’s just interesting to read what’s going on nearby.

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  • http://mmilan.typepad.com Matthew Milan

    Hah – I'm the mmilan in that screenshot. I don't think we have words to accurately describe these kinds of ambient interactions yet.