Comparing messages from Toronto and New York

i am...

Shit is coming


While I didn’t spend my entire trip to Toronto walking around nor when did I do walk get off the main roads, from where I was I didn’t see that much street art that made me stop and go “nice” compared to what I’ve seen in NYC. With that said I’m always impressed w/ the more guerilla art that subverts advertising for it’s own purposes in Canada. Typically I’ve felt that in NYC it’s more about taking a marker and knocking out teeth or changing the face up a bit for laughs. In Toronto I’ve always found some really good examples that take a knife to social issues that advertising alone really couldn’t tell on it’s own. It’s also perhaps telling from my pov that those created on the street could never be entered in an awards show, so the creators aren’t already thinking awards entry like some of the more generic stuff that is submitted as such.

With the four images that I’ve posted, the first two were taken in Toronto while the third and fourth were taken in SoHo yesterday. I really thought the first one was a great use of paint w/ a couple key words. I like how after the first poster they switched up the position of the red X’s and straight lines to cross out things. The second image has great impact w/ a minimal amount of ink. Aside from some of the more trivial subversive marker work on ads in NYC, you can also find some gems that tell it like it is. I luv the fact that “shit is coming” stickers is nothing more than a couple words that kind of say what they mean with out any embellishment.

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