Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 5th (September 2008)

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The week started off pretty good w/ the labour day holiday making the week a bit shorter than usual. There’s a healthy dose of politically influenced links – probably the most interesting being what happens when you go to an error page for each of the presidential candidates. Aside from the politics there’s the usual dose of maps, visualization of time and tech links that make up Link Drop this week. In other personal news I’ve got a new updo of an old site going live Monday – so stay tuned.

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Simon Heys_1220589607723Word Clock for Mac, PC and iPhone
EXCERPT: “Here’s the first release of the new version incorporating the original linear and new rotary version, for Mac and PC.”

 ‘Consumer Reports’ | New at Pentagram | Pentagram_1220589367939New Work: ‘Consumer Reports’
[New at Pentagram] EXCERPT: “Remarkably, given the current climate for print media, Consumer Reports is one of the few magazines that is not only healthy but thriving, with a monthly circulation of 4.2 million and newsstand sales that continue to grow. Perhaps this shouldn’t be a surprise in today’s economy, given the magazine’s subject: helping consumers find the best quality products in relation to cost. And as a trusted source for product information over 70 years, the magazine has successfully made the transition from print to online, with the largest paid subscription website base of any magazine in the world. It is perhaps best known for its annual issues devoted to automobiles, which affect millions of car sales every year.”

The Aesthetic Poetic » Environmental Cross-Sections_1220589453071Environmental Cross-Sections
[the aesthetic poetic] EXCERPT: “I’m really digging the creations of artist Josh Keyes. His idiosyncratic paintings are surreal cross-sections that feature animals and societal artifacts.”

The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show_1220589496736The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show
EXCERPT: “Building on the success of 2007’s The Seattle-Havana Poster Show, curator Daniel R. Smith has gone half way around the world to unite the graphic design communities of Seattle and Tehran. Co-curated with Tehran designer Iman Raad, The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show is a selection of 50 posters from each city in a variety of mediums sharing cultural themes such as music, film, theater and contemporary art. Artists included range from Tehran University Professor Reza Abedini, a powerful figure in contemporary Iranian graphic design, to younger talents born since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, such as the female design duo Soha Shirvani and Reyhaneh Sheikhbahaei. These Iranian designers’ posters are paired with the work of Seattle designers, such as Cornish College Professor Robynne Raye of Modern Dog, Coby Schultz and Barry Ament of the Ames Bros and many more. When The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show premiers at Bumbershoot in August 2008, it will be the first exhibition of contemporary Iranian posters in the United States. In 2009 this exhibit will travel to Tehran where it will be shared with Iranian designers generally prohibited from visiting the U.S.”

O2 - Group press releases_1220589546121The six degrees of seperation is now three
[02] EXCERPT: “Rodrigues finds that we are usually part of three main networks based on family, friendship and work. Outside of these we are, on average, part of five main shared ‘interest’ networks based on a range of personal interests from hobbies, sport, music and the neighbourhood we live in, to religion, sexuality and politics. It is the growth of these shared interest networks and the influence of technology on them that has led to the reduction in the number of degrees of separation.”

 who says aliens are inflexiblespace invaders bendiboard keyboard: who says aliens are inflexible?
EXCERPT: “Just weeks after I got my hands on my new light-up LED keyboard, now I’m drawn to a new keyboard that I think I need on my desk. The ubiquitous invaders from space have adorned many a product, and now you can think about those aliens every time you sit down at your computer to type a memo or surf the web.”

 Visualising Music_1220589721998Tom Hingston Studio: Visualising Music
EXCERPT: “If you ask graphic designers how they got into graphics in the first place, a lot of them will tell you about their favourite album covers or something else visually related to music. Enter London-based Tom Hingston: For over ten years, he has been designing quite a lot for music, from flyers for the legendary Blue Note club to Massive Attack’s covers. So for today, PingMag asks Tom about visualising sounds.”

Design Across America | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum_1220589584240Design Across America | Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum
EXCERPT: “Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum wants to join forces! Due to the popular demand and success of last year’s National Design Week Calendar (218 events in 38 states!), we are making the National Design Calendar a permanent part of our Web site.”

Cheesesteak Crawl | Jason Santa Maria_1220589594203Cheesesteak Crawl | Jason Santa Maria
EXCERPT: “Alright, this has gone on long enough, and frankly I’m fed up. I’ve been in New York for over a year in a venerable cheesesteak drought. I aim to do something about it and I want you to help me. We’ll say it’s a mission of discovery to find the best, and “best” might be a dubious honor, cheese and meats combo in town. Let’s call it a Cheesesteak Crawl. And you’re all invited.”

 Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences - Core77_1220589619939Conventional Wisdom: Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences
EXCERPT: “Show’s over, kids! Design conferences have become exercises in regenerated, wasteful spectacle. A self-described conference junkie shows us how to bring back the magic.”

 UnBeige_1220589628860 Shepard Fairey Talks About Obama Poster Image Theft
[unbeige] EXCERPT: “Heard while running around before the flurry of holiday activities were upon us, NPR’s Alex Cohen spent some time with designer Shepard Fairey, talking to him about his work creating his now wildly popular/familiar Obama posters and how he quickly lost control of the design, finding his work being sold on eBay and illegally copied and slapped onto signs, t-shirts, and everything in between, much of which is being sold on street corners (at least here in Chicago anyway) and at the DNC’s blowout last week. Yet he created the posters as a way of supporting the candidate, not as a money-making endeavor, so he’s stuck in an uncomfortable spot, wanting to aid the campaign, but also finding it upsetting that he’s been robbed by shameless merchandisers. It’s an interesting piece, particularly when you reflect on Fairey’s career, which has largely been built upon borrowed images.”

Kelso’s Corner » Blog Archive » Online maps ‘wiping out history’ (BBC)_1220589636610Online maps ‘wiping out history’ (BBC)
[kelso cartography]: EXCREPT: “Perhaps a bit alarmist but does point to the changing role of maps from conveyances of static sets of edited knowledge into a digital tabla rasa that displays the “where” of an individual user’s search results. Cultural landmarks that used to be included on maps for spatial orientation and perhaps a bit of boosterism are being left off the initial view. Users now have to know a feature exists before it is shown to them or ask for a certain overlay layer. But perhaps this is a reflection, too, on a society where the mainstream has been turned into 1000 separate channels? Or a jaded appreciation of information overload instead leaves us with a dirth of map information. Perhaps cartographic editors are good, after all.”

vh1 holiday card | Do the right thing in the right time_1220589651679vh1 Holiday Card
[leogogo] EXCERPT: “動畫不一定只能用電腦畫,用蠟燭也能做出一部動畫;但是要很大耐心,一部立體動畫,每個分鏡必須一張一張拍!應該耗掉vh1不少蠟燭跟corona啤酒”

The page cannot be found_1220589667703The page cannot be found
EXCERPT: “The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.”

Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Page Not Found_1220589674594Barack Obama | Change We Can Believe In | Page Not Found

The Paypal Google Mafia | Michael Karnjanaprakorn_1220589691148The Paypal Google Mafia
[Michael Karnjanaprakorn] EXCERPT: “Last week, when I was at the VCU Brandcenter, I gave a presentation called “Start Brands, Not Bands” on creative entrepreneurship and how that intersects with branding today. Basic premise of the presentation: Do Not Work in Advertising!”

» Pedestrian scramble time-lapse • Spacing Toronto • understanding the urban landscape_1220589699250Pedestrian scramble time-lapse
[spacing toronto] EXCERPT: “Spacing teamed up with the highly-regarded photoblogger Sam Javanrouh to create a fun time-lapse of the new Yonge-Dundas pedestrian scramble (see below). We’ve written a handful of posts on it over the last few days, so there’s no need to elaborate much more.”

Google Chrome - Google Book Search_1220589442525Google Chrome
“Google Chrome By the Google Chrome team, comics adaptation by Scott McCloud”

opentape - Twitter Search_1220589467126Realtime results for opentape

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