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Orouni - Jump Out The Window

A couple days ago I was passed on an email from the musician Orouni mentioning his album Jump Out The Window. The music is pretty good but what I found even more interesting was that he was wanting to tell me about the illustrator that did the cover art for the album. The cover comes from Natsko Seki who’s got a great feel for things. I really like the style and feel – check it out for yourself at

When I asked Orouni about how the project and collaboration worked – this was his reply “basically, I’m a big fan of design blogs and one day, I discovered Natsko’s work on one of them and found it really amazing. I hadn’t finished my album (Jump Out The Window) at all but I knew I wanted her to design its cover. I thought there were many similarities between her visual style and my music, and it’s important for me that an artwork have some interaction with the sound of the album.

I didn’t really dream about her accepting, though. When she said yes, I really got crazy, I was so happy! Then I told her how I imagined the cover (subject, colors, etc.), and she started to draw a rough sketch. Then she made the whole artwork (CD, booklet…) and I’d like to say it was great to work with her because whenever I asked her to make some changes, she was ok with it, and it helped a lot to have a cover that we both liked. So I’m very happy that we worked together, I love the cover and people seem to do too. Natsko is really one of my favorite illustrators!”

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