Link Drop for the Week Ending in Friday the 12th (September 2008)



This weeks Link Drop is kind of interesting for me b/c there’s a lot of people w/ links that I’m friends with. I didn’t start off the week w/ a strategy of collecting stuff from everyone I know – it’s just that there’s a lot of people doing interesting stuff at the moment. If there’s one common theme among all of them is that even if I didn’t know them I’d still be throwing them all up. Kind of motivating to say the least.

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 Columns_1221166412126Brand Tags’ Noah Brier: How My Website Took Off
From Advertising Age: Now, it should be noted that I’m no programming wizard. Only a few weeks before, I had started to teach myself PHP, a not-quite-programming language that allows you to build web applications, and MySQL, an open-source database software. What I did not have is years of building websites and apps, though that didn’t matter much, as I quickly discovered through the rapid growth of Brand Tags, as this site would be called.

From SND- Rethinking yourself as a motion designer - Visual Editors_1221166545431Jody Sugrue’s SND Vegas Talk – Rethinking yourself as a motion designer
By Allison Ghaman […] Hillary Ruffe next to me whispers, “I think I want to be her!” in reference to Sugrue and that is DEFINITELY a sentiment I share. “Being more conscious and less automatic gives you power” — Jody Sugrue’s mom’s horoscope. Jody Sugrue’s gateway piece into motion design was a series of voicemails from her mother. She calls Aftereffects “Photoshop on crack” and recommends it as a bridge between Photoshop and Flash. Her first professional challenge was a tribute to 9-11 commissioners. Even in this, she emphasizes the importance of collaboration. Instead of using too much video, she wanted to also incorporate photographs. […]

The Curious Blog » Handmade Flipbooks_1221166202943Handmade Flipbooks
From the The Curious Blog […] As a heavy After Effects user, I wanted to create a project template that would input video from my camera and quickly export out a sequence of frames for print. I didn’t have a decent office printer at the time, plus I like the quality of a professionally developed print, so my output would need to be in a format that a photography shop could handle. I usually send my digi-pics to Ritz Photo, but any photo shop will work. […]

Confections for the Healthful Gourmand_1221166315354Confections for the Healthful Gourmand
ABOUT: […] My name is Jessica Levine and I LOVE to bake. You’re probably thinking, yeah so do a lot of people. So I’ve created this blog to ignite my passion for healthy baking in all of you. This blog will teach you to appreciate the fine art of baking and the joy in eating it afterwards, without feeling bad about it. […]

The Oldest Living Things in the World_1221166276525The Oldest Living Things in the World
ABOUT: […] a vital part of the experience of being in greenland is a true disconnection from civilization…which is increasingly harder to come by anywhere on the planet. i did my best to embrace that distance while there, including writing the old fashioned way…and so i am transmitting out to the blogosphere now from the comfort and safety of my own digs in brooklyn. […]

From Debbie Millman […] Corpoetics is a collection of ‘found’ poetry from the websites of well-known brands and corporations created by the fabulous Asbury & Asbury. They visited various company websites, found the closest thing to a Corporate Overview, and then set about rearranging the words into poetry. […]

Torino World Design Capital - Designing Connected Places Summer School - Complexity Maps | DensityDesign | Communication Design & Complexity_1221166334680Torino World Design Capital – Designing Connected Places Summer School – Complexity Maps
[…] Designing Connected Places is the slogan of the International Summer School, an initiative of great interest in the calendar of Torino 2008 World Design Capital, which led students and teachers to look at the territory of Piemonte understood as a complex network of social co-existence and production processes.[…]

 New York Magazine at 40 - Speaker Series - SPD.ORG - Speaker Series_1221166586538Adam Moss: ‘Sales Don’t Matter’ When Choosing Cover
From FishbowlNY […] Moss opined that “sales don’t matter” when picking his magazine covers. “Sales fluctuate within a tiny little margin,” the EIC said. “It represents under five percent of the readership. It’s very much a subscription magazine.” He did remark that since sales were a hard number, it was easy to get competitive about how well different covers sold, but thought that a cover should ultimately be chosen by the “heat” it would generate and the “clarity” with which it told the story. […]

Esquire's E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video - Engadget_1221166344672Esquire’s E Ink-infused magazine cover shown on video
From Engadget […] Extra! Extra! Read all about it! (Sorry, but where else were we gonna use that line?) For those unaware, Esquire’s October issue is on newsstands now, and for 100,000 99,999 lucky souls out there, they’ll receive one with a flashing E Ink display. Just in case you aren’t quite lucky enough to apprehend one of your own, however, The Dastardly Report’s Ryan Joseph was kind enough to snap a few photographs and even host a video of the exclusive mag before tearing it down for hacking purposes. Head on past the break for the clip, and tap that read link to have a gander at the stills. Oh, and dart out right this instant to snag your own. […]

 A deeper dive into definitions « Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird_1221166354942More songs about context and mood: A deeper dive into definitions
From Adam Greenfield’s Speedbird […] Let me be the first to assure you that it rapidly becomes obvious, at least to me, when I’ve opened a can of worms: my post last week on the distinction between “location-based services” and “context-aware applications” has generated some really tasty pushback from readers, including a rather pointed missive from someone who we’ve agreed shall remain nameless here, and who felt my definition was unduly reductionist. […]

 So that was.. uh, interesting_1221166366070So that was.. uh, interesting
From The Divine Miss N […] One my most beloved professors ever, prof Paul Hoftijzer, once told me ‘Everything is interesting if you’re interested’. And you know what? He’s right (well, of course he would be, he is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met and one of the best bookhistorians). Totally right. Everything IS interesting if you take an interest. […]

Content Networks, Utility, and Supporting Content Creation « Upendra Shardanand_1221166375050Content Networks, Utility, and Supporting Content Creation
From Upendra Shardanand […] Fred perceives a key aspect of a content network like Daylife: the super-distribution of content, and the audience it brings. Or put another way, increasing the economic utility of content. If a piece of content is used in more places, more easily, then its value increases and it’s easier to financially rationalize its creation. Now, for Daylife or any other content network to make a dent in the economics of original content creation will require Google-esque scale, and likely a value-capture model richer than just “driving traffic.” Not quite there yet. […]

Graphic Design Everyday_1221166396797Graphic Design Everyday
[…] I think design is a lifetime experience, it’s an everyday labour. It’s like brushing your teeth every morning, but harder. […]

Words They Used - 2008 Political Conventions - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.com_1221166404295The Words They Used
From NYT […] The words that speakers used at the two political conventions show the themes that the parties have highlighted. Republican speakers have talked about reform and character far more frequently than the Democrats. And Republicans were more likely to talk about businesses and taxes, while Democrats were more likely to mention jobs or the economy. […]

Speak Up › Jenny Beorkrem Speaks Up_1221166424130Jenny Beorkrem Speaks Up
From SpeakUp: […] Jenny Beorkrem left a cushy nine to five design job after her typographic city posters became an online phenomenon by showcasing her work at Ork Posters. Her designs, sold to the rich and famous, are intricate studies in type, texture, and information design. She fielded my questions about inspiration, screen printing, and how she arrived at the name Ork. […]

 The Palin Nerve_1221166444983Reading The Pictures: The Palin Nerve
From Huffington Post […] Even without the larger media sensationalizing and the echoing of GOP spin about Sarah Palin, this would still represent a very fine cover. You don’t get this kind of portrait without a photographer daring to look at a not-so-passive subject — and requiring the subject to have to deal with it. […]

 La Banquise vs. Patati Patata | Serious Eats_1221166558313Poutines Deathmatch: La Banquise vs. Patati Patata
From Serious Eats […] Words and Photographs by Kathy Park and Rob Price | After a seven-hour road trip from New York City with only one food stop for breakfast, we were ravenous when we arrived in Montreal for Labor Day weekend (it was Canada’s Labor Day, too!). For the drive, we had printed out pages of Montreal food chatter from Serious Eats and Chowhound, and learned about poutine. After many jokes about the word poutine, we decided that the dish Montreal is famous for, made of fries, gravy, and cheese curds, was the equivalent of chili cheese fries in the U.S. […]

photographer sanggil kim at PKM trinity gallery, seoul_1221166575205photographer sanggil kim at PKM trinity gallery, seoul
from Designboom […] ‘layer’ is a solo exhibition of photographic works by artist sanggil kim. on show will be pieces from two series including work from kim’s ‘mode’ series. the collection of photographs shows the appearance of various buildings which trace the structures to their most modern element. construction components are layered repetitively within each photograph, capturing architectural patterns in each photo taken. […]

 Kings of Cyan_1221166604265Tim Davis: Kings of Cyan
From /J […] Tim Davis has a show coming up in Zurich, Switzerland at mitterrand+sanz that features some interesting new photographs of his from a project entitled Kings of Cyan, a body of work that is not even on his website yet. Since Tim is a rare breed of photographer – that is, one who is equally great at putting ideas into words – I’ll leave it to him to describe the work […]

 Jeff Koons Opens at Versailles_1221166612849Jeff Koons Opens at Versailles
From Dog Art Today […] Jeff Koons’s Let Them See Kitsch exhibition opens today at Versailles. The installation of his works in the historic palace created controversy when it was announced this summer, and continues to offend. […]

code turn Snark into Sport | Creativity Online_1221166647027MTV, area/code turn Snark into Sport
From Creativity Online […] The cable network debuts Backchannel, for its show The Hills, which may prove once and for all who’s the king (or queen) of posting cutting remarks online. […]

iTunes 9 to Take on Pandora and Subscription ServicesiTunes 9 to Take on Pandora and Subscription Services?
From Frog Blog […] At the moment these are only available with the usual 30 second preview, but it seems like just a short hop to get to a full streaming, subscription-based approach, probably living in parallel with the pay-per-song approach Apple has successfully used so far. Rumors have been around for ages that Apple will introduce a subscription service, and the Genius Sidebar seems like a simple way to step into that approach. […]

 The future of search_1221166676729The future of search
From the Google Blog […] I am a search addict. I’m naturally inquisitive – I’ve always liked finding things out. Plus, I’ve worked at Google on search for the past 9 years and 3 months. Of course I search – a lot. Yet I would guess that on any given day, I only do about 20% of the searches that I could. This past Saturday, I kept track of the things that came up in conversation that I wanted to search for right then but couldn’t: […]

From scott goodson […] I think the best places to think up ideas are: 1. Boring meetings, 2. Bedrooms, 3. Bars, 4. Bathrooms, 5. Buses […]

Yay! Monday! — Issue #36_1221166180528Yay! Monday!
EXCERPT “A weekly collection of Design, Art, and Photography that I like and want everyone to know about.”

art » Blog Archive » Nerd-Graffiti_1221166383801Nerd-Graffiti
From rebel:art […] “What happens if some IT comes into our real life?” Mehr Bilder von Paul The Wine Guy hier! Vgl. auch “Train Spamming“, “Nerd-Intervention” und “Nerd-Demo“! […]

Florence Montmare_1221166481822Florence Montmare
About: […] Floressence Studios differs from traditional photo studios, in that the location and ambience are central aspects of the process. […]
About […] Neste site você encontra uma seleção de desenhos digitais feitos desde 2004 […]

 sharpness is such a bourgeois concept_1221166567420sharpness is such a bourgeois concept
[…] Do think of a rich story on photos submitted to this group: for example, a blurry “decisive moment” photo is always a favorite. […]


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