Turning Six Shows from Showetime into a House in Gramercy




As the ICFF was getting underway last year I was so burned out before it even started that I didn’t want to write anything about it. I think part of the unappeal was that after a while everything starts looking the same, feels like everything else and are shown in the same showrooms. Contrast that to a week ago when I received an email mentioning the Showtime House with Metropolitan Home which took six Showetime shows and created a room inspired by the show. I thought it was a cool idea to combine a number of shows into a living environment and wanted to see it for myself. On Friday I visited the house in Gramercy got the tour from Samantha Nestor who’s the Special Projects Editor for Metropolitan Home. Above are the photos I took from the tour.

Inside the house, the chosen shows were The Tudors, Dexter, Californication, Weeds, United States of Tara and The L Word. My favourite room and probably a lot of other people’s was Dexter’s Dining Room by Amy Lau. The attention to detail was meticulous. Details like etched thumbprints on the blood infused wine glass caught my attention. And then there was just the idea of turning a white room into a bloodbath which was fitting to the show.

The Tudors by Laura Kirar room felt up to date if we were still back in the day. Californication from Jamie Drake had a number of fascinating elements. There was a floor to ceiling book column all laid out by hand – to the jar of condoms beside the couch. The Weeds room had a very zen like feel from White Webb. Tori Golub managed to pull off a room for a person w/ six differing personalities. Vicente Wolf created a complementary feel to the L Word Boudoir. On the top floor there were two completely different rooms that had the same shape and space – a bright pink Lounge by Kirsten Brant and the angular Media Room by Luca Andrisani.

As far as product placement tie-in’s go – I really liked the concept. They took a bunch of shows that had strong characters and played w/ the living environment. Combine that w/ a number of designer’s giving tips to those looking for ideas on how to make their living environment better – it seemed like a good fit for me.

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