Will I ever be able to see MTA coloured routes on google maps?

NYC transit directions have arrived?

When I read from the Google blog that NYC transit directions have arrived, what I thought that meant was that I could actually see the MTA coloured lines on the map. No, apparently it’s like Hop Stop but on Google. Why, why, why is it so difficult for Google to place some helpful routes lines that a person could look at a glance as opposed to relying on someone typing in coordinates? Anyone that doesn’t know Brooklyn very well knows not to use that type of method b/c the directions aren’t exactly precise. If I could actually see the routes I could then make the choice myself as opposed to a computer that doesn’t know when a route closes or is out of service.

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  • http://www.runningmap.com Randy Troppmann

    Google relies on computer algorithms to solve things like this. You need human made routes and Google Maps itself is not a Wiki. You will have to rely on mashups to fill in that gap at this time.

  • http://www.samuelclay.com Samuel Clay

    And that's why there's Google Maps API–to provide mashups when Google doesn't provide for the added functionality themselves.

    Check out the NYC Subway Map: http://www.onnyturf.com/subway/