Today is Monday September 29th, 2008

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Afternoon of Google Trends for Monday September 29, 2008

Evening of Google Trends for Monday September 29, 2008

Well this post is a bit self referential so my apologies ahead of time if it comes off that way. Today is my first day at being thirty one – this time last year I had no issues about turning thirty though if I knew now what I did then I probably would have enjoyed my late twenties a bit more. If you’ve been following DesignNotes for the last year you can probably guess that there’s been some fairly cool high’s and some brutal low’s. Ironically if I had to do the same thing again I would – so no regrets. While I haven’t gone into a lot of detail on some things, all I can say now is that I’m really taking what I’ve learned (both good and bad) in the last year and making the most of it now. The idea of design is in a strange place at the moment and I can’t think of a better place to be to push those ideas than here on the blog in NYC. It should be interesting to see where things go a year from now as I type out a longer note of challenge this time next year.

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  • Sameer Vasta

    Happy birthday. Hope 31 is full of great adventures and stories!


    Happy Birthday! I will soon hit the big three-one as well. I enjoy your blog, I am linking to it from my blog's “About” page at – you are under “Creativity.”

    Have a great year! I look forward to reading about your adventures.

  • michaelsurtees

    thanks! I did my best to stretch it out for a couple days