October 15 is Ten15am Day: New Photo Project

October 15th, 2008 (10/15) at ten15am GMT

It’s been a while since I mentioned ten15am – that photo project where people send in a photo that they took at 10:15 am to photo@ten15am.com. The good news is that it’s grown to about 4000 people checking out the site on a daily basis. We’ve (Vince, David, Michael, Barry + Jody) also been getting some decent press about the site. On day 100 people took self portraits and there was a photo gallery of all the images put together, now there’s an even better date coming soon. October 15th is 10:15 day – the day when the month and day are the exact time as the site. With that in mind, instead of everyone taking a picture at the same time in their time zone we’re curious to see what would happen if everyone took a picture at the exact same moment around the world. It’s just for one day and then it goes back to the regular photo schedule. The idea is for everyone to shoot where they are are 10:15 GMT – you can read more details about it at www.ten15am.com/?page_id=6440.

Theses are some of the cities that have so far taken part w/ their time when they would have to shoot: Amsterdam: 12:15 PM, Annandale: 9:15 PM, Arlington: 6:15 AM, Nepal: 4:00 PM, Billings: 4:15 AM, Bournemouth: 11:15 AM, Bozeman: 4:15 AM, Brisbane: 8:15 PM, Brooklyn: 6:15 AM, Canberra: 9:15 PM, Cary: 6:15 AM, Charlotte: 6:15 AM, Cologne: 12:15 PM, Copenhagen: 12:15 PM, Denver: 4:15 AM, Dover: 6:15 AM, Detroit: 6:15 AM, Durham: 6:15 AM, Honolulu: 12:15 AM, Ireland: 11:15 AM, Istanbul: 1:15 PM, Jackson: 4:15 AM, Kefalonia: 1:15 PM, Kathmandu: 4:00 PM, Launceston: 9:15 PM, Le Cros: 12:15 PM, Louisville: 6:15 AM, Lisbon: 11:15 AM, Manila: 6:15 PM, Melbourne: 9:15 PM, Mill Valley: 3:15 AM, Missoula: 4:15 AM, Newark: 6:15 AM, New Orleans: 5:15 AM, New York City: 6:15 AM, Ocean City: 6:15 AM, Oslo: 12:15 PM, Pilot Hill: 3:15 AM, richmond: 6:15 AM, roanoke: 6:15 AM, rockvale: 4:15 AM, san francisco: 3:15 AM, São Paulo: 7:15 AM, Seattle: 3:15 AM, Sun Valley: 4:15 AM, Shalotte: 6:15 AM, Shannon: 11:15 AM, Sydney: 9:15 PM, Toronto: 6:15 AM, Tromsø: 12:15 PM, Trishuli Bazaar: 4:00 PM, Tunis: 12:15 PM, Vancouver: 3:15 AM, Venice: 3:15 AM, Victoria, Australia: 3:15 AM, Victoria, Canada: 3:15 AM, Vienna: 12:15 PM, Washington: 6:15 AM, Wilmington: 6:15 AM, Zeist: 12:15 PM

If you don’t see your city, no worries – you can use this time converter to see what time it will be for you at 10:15 GMT.

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